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Data shows that a well-informed patient has a better health outcome. Dr. Naheed Ali bases her practice on sharing information and patient education. Unlike traditional primary care doctors who have a few thousand patients, Dr. Ali chooses to keep her patient panel small, thereby focusing on you. She will carefully listen to you to understand how your lifestyle may be affecting your health. She will work with you to come up with a personalized plan to achieve your optimal health and maintain your health goals. 

Practicing medicine requires a special skill set. It is comprised of a multitude of qualities including prowess, competency, aptitude, finding solutions, and an ability to break barriers. We come across brilliant clinicians and genius professors but not all are gifted with mastery of listening to the patients with attentiveness. Practicing good medicine requires a keen ear to listen, a caring heart to comprehend, and a competent mind to execute.  

"When a person trusts me with their health, I take it as a responsibility. It is certainly a privilege which I accept with great respect & appreciation," says Dr. Ali.

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