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Testing FAQs



Are you a COVID designated testing center?

Yes, our facility is COVID-19 testing designated facility. We provide FDA approved COVID-19 Rapid Antigen testing with results in 10 minutes and Real Time PCR testing with same day results or within 24 hours guaranteed depending on time of collection.

What Sets your facility apart?

We only let registered nurse or Dr. Ali herself do the testing. It makes a huge difference as to who is collecting a sample. Your test can be inaccurate, painful or even damaging if an inexperienced person is collecting a sample.

Dr Naheed Ali works is a Contracted Physician Specialist with LA County, Department of public health in COVID-19 Outbreak management branch and hence uses her expertise and most up to date CDC protocols for testing methods, the process and interpretations. In addition, while most other labs take 2-5 days, we are able to provide same day results depending on collection time. In addition, we use only FDA approved Rapid Antigen Test kits that has higher sensitivity and specificity so rest reassured, your test results are error-free and precise.

What kind of tests are being offered?

There are 3 type of tests available. Rapid Antigen test, Expedited PCR test, and Antibody test. Click here for details. How long does the results take? We have COVID 19 Rapid Antigen testing with results in 10 minutes and Real Time PCR testing with same day results within 24 hours guaranteed depending on collection time. We will call or text and email pdf copies of results to you.

What is Rapid Antigen test detects?

A Rapid antigen test also known as “Rapid test” detects fragments of proteins to Coronavirus.

What is PCR test?

A PCR test also known as “Molecular test” is a gold standard test which detects viral RNA or genetic material specific to SARS-CoV-2.

What does Antibody test detects?

An Antibody test also known as Serology detects IgM and IgG antibodies that are produced by your immune system in response to exposure to COVID-19 virus and is 99% sensitive.

How is Rapid Antigen and PCR testing done?

We can do either nasopharyngeal testing meaning via nostril or Oropharyngeal meaning testing by-mouth. A small cotton bud type swab is slide in your nostril carefully. Our test is very sensitive so we DO NOT do deep nasal swabbing. We do mid-turbinate swabbing meaning the brush will slide only about an inch inside the nostril. It is not painful or uncomfortable. For oral swabbing, we ask you to cough few times with a mask on and swipe the brush thoroughly inside your mouth. You will then place the swab in a container and return it to the staff. The sample will be sent to our laboratory for Coronavirus testing. How is antibody testing done? Antibody testing is a blood test and require a finger stick. Results are available within 10 minutes and are 100% accurate.

What does positive Rapid Antigen test mean?

A positive test means you may be infected with COVID-19 at the time of testing.

What does negative Rapid Antigen test mean?

A negative Rapid Antigen test means you may not be infected with COVID-19 at the time of testing or the test doesn’t detect enough protein to turn positive.

What does a positive PCR test mean?

A positive COVID PCR test means that you most likely have COVID-19 at the time of taking a test. You must isolate your self for 10 days.

What does a negative PCR test mean?

A negative COVID PCR test means that you most likely do not have COVID-19 at the time of taking a test. Please continue to observe hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing face mask. Though this test is 99% sensitive, there’s a chance that this is false negative and the test didn’t detect the virus especially if you have COVID-19 related symptoms. Dr Naheed Ali provides complimentary consultation to discuss your specific situation.

What does a positive antibody test result mean?

A positive antibodies test means you have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past and your body has responded to it by making antibodies. Though it could be false positive and the antibodies detected may be due to another COVID-19 related corona virus.

What does a negative antibody test result mean?

A negative test means that most likely you were not exposed to COVID-19. However it could be negative if not enough time has lapsed between infection and testing as it takes about 5 days for IgG to raise and about 2 weeks for IgG to raise and get detected.

What are false positives or false negative results mean?

False positive result means you tested positive for that respective test when you should not be and vice versa. Dr Naheed Ali provides complementary consult to discuss possible false positive or false negative results based on your exposure, symptoms or concerns.

How do I know if I should take COVID Antigen or PCR test?

Your doctor can help decide which test you should take based on exposure, symptoms or concerns. Dr Naheed Ali. can help you decide if you are indecisive at the time of booking your test.

When do I take antibody testing?

Antibody testing help determine if you had been exposed to COVID19 in the past. It should not be done if you want to determine if you currently have COVID-19 or if you have COVID-19 related symptoms within past 2 weeks.

Can I take both rapid antigen and antibody test?

Yes, you may have antibodies to COVID-19 and an active COVID-19 infection at the same time. if you were exposed to Corona Virus, your body may have produced antibodies but you may not have produced enough antibodies resulting in getting infected with virus when exposed again. Therefore you’ll have antibodies from previous exposure as well as positive.

Should I get tested if I currently have COVID-19 symptoms?

If you are experiencing symptoms, you should immediately get tested. You should also start quarantine to contain the virus as you may be contagious. Please continue to observe hand hygiene as well as wear mask. If I test positive and have antibodies to COVID-19, does it mean I have an immunity to COVID-19. It is not clear if the antibodies to COVID-19 make you immune and if it does then how long. Even if you test positive for antibodies, please continue to observe hand hygiene, social distancing and wear face mask.

What happens after getting tested?

After you get tested, you’ll get a text or call from our staff regarding your results followed by test results in pdf format via email immediately once available. If you were symptomatic while being tested, we will provide you with the guidance about what should be your next step to properly isolate from household members and manage your symptoms.

What kind of precautions are being taken and what protective gear do you wear while taking the test?

Since Dr Naheed Ali also works as a Physician specialist for LA County, Department of public Health in COVID-19 Outbreak management branch overlooking several health care facilities, She remains up to date on safety protocols in accordance with CPDH, DPH and LA county guidelines and uses their safety standards for PPE (Personal protective Equipment), including disposable gowns, gloves, N95 masks and face shield which minimizes cross-contamination. In addition we use EPA approved cleaning wipes for all high touch surfaces.

Who should get tested?

There are several indication to get tested. Main ones are as follows. You should schedule a test as soon as possible if:

- You have COVID related symptoms

- Had high risk exposure meaning spent 15 min cumulative time within 6 feet of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

- Had traveled to area with high level of COVID-19 in community

- Before visiting a loved one who may be at increased risk of COVID-19 if get exposed.

If you test positive or has symptoms, you should cancel your visit.

- Went to a large indoor gathering of 8 people or more.

- Had been an employee where another employee who worked in close proximity tested positive.

- Anyone regardless of aforementioned condition who wish to get tested.


Who should get tested regularly?

Health care and other essential workers who have in-person contact with people as part of their jobs should get tested frequently. If you work outside the home, or if you live or work in a residential care or congregate setting, you should get tested regularly.

What Insurances do you take?

We take most insurances. Please call our office to get more information. Please note, there’s no insurance for group testing.

Is your testing valid for traveling?

Yes, our test is used for pre-flight clearance and traveling.purposes. We have tested hundreds of people and provided free pre flgiht testing to them. Please consult with your airline to know how many hours prior to traveling should you get testing and we will happily accommodate you. We have evening as well as weekend appointments available. We provide same day or next day results guaranteed. You will receive a call or text from us regarding results followed by an email with pdf copy of your test result as well as a form with doctor’s signature on it confirming what kind of test was done as well as mode and date of test.

Do you provide Tele-health Consultation or house calls for in-home COVID-19 testing or treatment?

Yes, we do. Dr Naheed Ali has treated numerous COVID-19 patients of her own and in the hospital. Additionally, she works for LA county department of Public Health for COVID-19 outbreak management and therefore has provided guidance to numerous facilities’ administrators as well as nurses regarding COVID-19 Outbreak management.

What area do you serve for house call?

We service Greater Los Angeles Area. For group testing, our staff can travel to areas outside of greater LA region.

When is the next availability for appointment and do you take Walk-in?

We request that you make an appointment via our website or by calling or texting us. Though if time allows, we can take walk ins. We can accommodate you for evening or weekend appointments as well.

Where is the office located?

Our office is located at 435 N Bedford Drive Suite 107, Beverly Hills CA90210. We have 2 hour free parking structure next to our building as well as ample street parking is available.

Where is the Drive-through location?

If you choose to not come into the office, we can test you in your car. The drive through testing is in the back alley of our building. Make a right on Brighton and another right on Bram Goldsmith Way next to chase bank and go in the alley all the way to the parking garage. Please call to get more information before you decide to come in to Drive through so we can properly guide you.

Do I need physician’s referral?

No, you don’t need a referral for COVID testing with us.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel anytime for no additional charges unless you already paid via credit card in which case, credit card cancellation fee will be charged.

Can I reschedule?

Yes, you can reschedule. Please follow this link or call our office




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