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Harvard Research: Female Physicians Care for the Patients better than Male Physicians

In 2016, One of the Harvard Public health Personnel studied the Outcome of Medical care delivered by female versus male physicians. Harvard published results from this study assessing the difference in care between male and female physicians. They examined medical outcomes in patients for female versus male physicians for all medical conditions. The findings suggest that the way female physician practice is different than their Male counterparts. It was found that female physicians go by evidence based medicine following clinical gold standard guidelines more than their male counterparts.The result of that work out today in JAMA Internal Medicine 


Using  Medicare hospitalized patients, the result of the study showed that there were 32,000 fewer deaths were in the Medicare population. Study also found that patients under female general doctors’ care and have lower 30-day mortality and hospital readmission rates than for the patients taken care for by male doctors.


These results are quite significant. Though there are other factors that needs to be taken into account, with this study, it’s very clear that when it comes to treating medical conditions, female physicians outperform male physicians. Further digging is required to understand why is this so but for the most part the results are quite evident.

Healthline also researched this subject and their Research indicates patient outcomes are good under female physicians. They concluded that this could be due to some of the following factors.





Naheed Ali, MD, FHM President & Founder

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